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We try to offer our customers fully customized and innovative products, for this reason, we have decided to establish essential partnerships on the national territory and to invest in creating a brand of products in Open-Source Cloud. We managed to define a series of products ranging from classic online storage with the possibility of collaborating on the same files, to complete infrastructures and virtual desktop systems.

Our Products


MY Teams is a brand created by Tecnostudi Ambiente and Hackmind to provide innovative cloud, collaborative, territorial and calculation services based on ease of use, quality and safety. MyTeams provides professional CLOUD products and services that are simple and affordable for everyone, with customer management based on the PERSON and not on the numbers!

Our Partners

Tecnostudi Ambiente Srl

Tecnostudi Ambiente (TSA) is an Italian consultancy company founded in 1994 and formed by a group of experts in the field of engineering, the environment and earth sciences that comes from successful experience in public agencies, scientific research facilities and private companies. From the beginning, the company has worked to combine and find the right balance between private enterprise, technological innovation and applied research.

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