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Claudio Proietti

Founder of Hackmind

IT Security Expert
Founder of Hackmind, IT security expert with over 15 years of work in IT covered in different roles. During his career, he obtained around 40 hardware and software certifications from various providers specializing in IT Security for Corporations.

He worked as IT Manager for seven years in Italy. Moved to England for five years where he became Service Desk Manager and then returned to Italy as Senior Cyber ​​Security Specialist for Nestlé Italiana S.p.A.

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Andrea Fantini

Digital Services Director

Cloud and Geotechnology Expert
Since 2010 he has worked as a technical consultant with Tecnostudi Ambiente Srl. He has been a member of the board of directors since 2014 and currently holds the position of CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

Andrea supports all our customers in the pre and post-sale phase. The main activities involve public and private customers in the technological development for environmental monitoring and in the design of Cloud and GIS systems for the management of environmental databases.

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Paolo De Michele

Information Systems Director

Operating Systems and Infrastructure Expert
Paolo has accumulated in 13 years of experience the technical skills to support Hackmind by working in the IT sector in several European countries, including Italy, France and England. He has worked for years in customer support for big companies with different technologies.

He deals with the management of the cloud infrastructure and the architecture offered to our customers. He is a lover of Open Source products, in particular, GNU / Linux and Networking.

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Ilenia Piro'

Web Applications Developer

UX/UI and Responsive Design
She worked for years in the retail and fashion sectors until a radical career change. She obtained a Techdegree as Front End Web Developer and is attending a Linux-based Web Developer course at the IFOA institute.

Passionate about UX / UI and design, she offers her passion for supporting our customers in creating websites and customized web applications.

She is also the creator and creator of our website.

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